SKY Mobile Call-Centre Sales Incentives

Black Friday Sales Performance Drive

Client: Sky Mobile 
Event Type: Sales Incentive Programme
Venue: Call Centres
Location: Nationwide
Number of Delegates: 700 Sky Mobile Employees

To create an incentive that would boost sales by motivating and rewarding employees. 

The Solution

Sky Mobile was looking for an incentive to encourage employees to meet their targets during the busy Black Friday sales season. 

The aim was to create a sales drive with many exciting, enticing awards. The entry mechanism to win was simple. The more sales an employee made, the more tickets entered in the prize draw, the more likely they will win one of the epic prizes up for grabs! The incentive was rolled out across the entire call centre team of up to 700 employees across all their locations. 

The prizes ranged from £50 up to £600 and consisted of a range of Smart TVs, Drones, Popcorn Makers, Perfumes, Coffee Makers and so much more. As an additional visual motivator, the prizes were wrapped in Sky Mobile Black Friday branded packaging and displayed in the call centre as a constant reminder of what was available. At the end of each sales cycle, there was a ‘prize run’ where winners were presented with their rewards. 

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