A Very Unusual Event Brief

In line with the Virgin Media advert – you remember the one, the Unlimiting ‘I can do anyth-ing’ advert, where the motorhome flies off the edge of the cliff.  Well, prior to that release, I received a phone call on a Friday afternoon  – ‘Claire, we need to buy an old Winnebago and take it on a consumer roadshow around the UK but can we have stripped and painted in the next couple of weeks as we want to film the Directors going on their own road trip as part of the internal comms campaign!

That call came in on a Friday; by the Tuesday, we had bought an old 80s Winnebago – and what a beaut, albeit a bit tired and rusty!

We had her stripped out inside, a ‘horsebox style ramp installed on both sides to make it walk through for when she went pulbic.. space and safety were paramount! 

Specialist graffiti artists were brought in to paint her on one side – it then went out to be filmed as two of the directors enacted a comedy piece – a 70s style road trip driving off into the sunset with her looking old and original on one side but by the time they had returned from their looming road trip – she had bumped into graffiti artists and was fully branded with the Unlimit-ing logo,  a ‘Chopper’ bike and surf board were strapped to the back – the Directors were high and feeling free following their ..‘I can do anyth-ing’ adventure!

The ‘old girl’ went off around the UK and onto Northern Ireland on a Consumer Roadshow with our trusty driver and Team Red Blaze – meeting the public in car parks, being hooted at along the motorways – she was in her glory…until a problem struck when her gear box failed in Ireland – a 24hrs the crew will never forget!  Towed onto the ferry, fixed up and back on the road to be centre stage at the Leadership Conference!  Surely we thought, she will be laid to rest after that … oh no, she was in demand for the next campaign roadshow, the Lightn-ing Tour and off again she travelled around the UK!

Finally,  she came to rest during the pandemic when public gatherings were halted but you never know… our ‘old girl, Winnie’ may make another appearance soon!

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