Recognise Team Performance

One of the biggest ways to drive performance is to recognise your individual team members or entire teams for their hard work and successes. From award shows to small voucher gifts, we can build a programme that truly recognises great performance.
creating an engaging recognition programme

Being recognised for doing something great feels amazing! We love to create a recognition programme that delivers something exciting, motivational and most of all, a personal touch.

Some of our favourite ways to recognise great performance include:

  • A peer-to-peer recognition website complete with company values and visions
  • An annual high performers award show (virtual, hybrid or physical)
  • An online recognition award collection for nominated weekly winners to choose a small gift
  • A ‘Thank you’ redemption site for managers to choose a gift to be sent to individuals
  • Thank you cards, hampers and vouchers
  • An online award ceremony with entertainment and performances and awards sent to homes
rewarding through your concierge service

One of the most popular services we offer is our concierge service. Winners will experience an aspirational personal award choice service from one of our highly experienced team members. Working to a set budget and by asking relevant questions, the Concierge Team will find the perfect award for your winners – the ultimate personal touch.

Concierge service includes:

  • An online meeting session or call to the winner from our Concierge Team
  • The winner will receive a proposal of ideas based on their requirements
  • Concierge teamwork to your budget and maximise the value of the award for the winner
  • A fully branded experience including email addresses and digital assets
recognising performance with vouchers

Recognition isn’t just about big awards and names in lights, a simple email message or mention on a team call is also incredibly motivating. A lot of our clients like to reward smaller amounts on a much more frequent basis for recognition and performance incentives. For these programmes, our lifestyle vouchers provide a huge choice and work really well 

Benefits of vouchers include:

  • Instant recognition with E-vouchers direct to the winner with a personal message
  • Local E-Vouchers redeemable in over 185 countries, creating recognition across the globe
  • Vouchers work in most UK high street stores and online
  • Physical branded cards can also be sent out to winners addresses
  • Online ‘account’ means winners can all accumulate vouchers over weeks/months
  • Available in any amount, means these fit perfectly to any budget
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If you have a challenge, call us on +44 (0)1452 733300 or email us at

If you have a challenge, call us on
+44 (0)1452 733300 or email us at