Announcing our M&IT Best Positive Impact/Event Legacy Award Nomination

by Cat Preston

We are thrilled to announce that our CSR partner, Metropolitan DMC & Event Management, has been nominated for the prestigious CSR M&IT Best Positive Impact/Event Legacy Award. This nomination recognises the impactful work arranged for our clients at the Sikiaridion Foundation, a non-profit organisation that has been a beacon of support for young adults with intellectual disabilities since 1939. 

The Sikiaridion Foundation, founded by the Sikiarideio family, is dedicated to providing special professional education and training to individuals aged 14 and over. Their mission, “Equity in education and autonomy for a better quality of life,” reflects their commitment to inclusion and diversity within Greek society and culture. The foundation offers a variety of programmes that support socialisation, psychosocial development, parental education, sports, and special education, all aimed at integrating and rehabilitating people with disabilities.

A key aspect of the foundation’s success is the invaluable contribution of volunteers. Our guest volunteers helped transform the foundation’s garden from an overgrown space into a vibrant area where students can learn, grow, and develop essential skills. This transformation has enabled students to become active and positive contributors to their communities. 

Our on-the-ground agent, Daniella Bikoulis, Director of Metropolitan DMC & Event Management in Athens, Greece, was instrumental in facilitating our project with the Sikiaridion Foundation. Her expertise allowed us to align our clients’ CSR goals with meaningful initiatives, such as the renovation of the foundation’s shed and surrounding gardens. 

Meetings & Incentive Travel (M&IT), the event industry’s leading corporate event brand, has over 35 years of experience in publishing industry-focused content and hosting networking events. The nomination for the CSR M&IT Best Positive Impact/Event Legacy Award is a testament to the positive change we strive to create through our partnerships.

The awards night will take place in September this year in London. While we will be attending the event, the recognition primarily celebrates the collective CSR efforts and the significant impact made through our collaborations.

“We all have the right to education & creation,” a quote from the Sikiaridion Foundation, encapsulates the essence of their mission. By supporting the Sikiaridion Foundation, we were able to contribute to a legacy of empowerment, inclusion, and positive change, embodying the very spirit of corporate social responsibility.

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