Finding your perfect venue

by Cat Preston

Where you hold your event is almost as important as the content itself. The right venue sets expectations for your delegates, and gets them excited and mentally engaged for what you’re going to deliver. While that’s great in theory, in practice that means you can tie yourself up in knots trying to find that perfect place, becoming yet another thing to juggle amongst an already jam-packed workload. 


It becomes even more complicated when you realise that event venues have evolved beyond the staid hotel conference room, and now there’s a cornucopia of interesting and impressive venues to choose from. Sorting through everything each venue has to offer and comparing it against your exacting requirements takes time, and as the old adage goes, time is money. 


This is where Red Blaze comes in! Let us draw on our extensive knowledge, creativity and industry contacts to pull together a selection of venues which not only match your brief but stand your event out from the crowd.


No more worrying about attendee whereabouts, travel durations, travel expenses, event goals, attendee quantity, event themes, or budgets. Give us the brief and we’ll handle the rest. We’ll take all the pressure off you so you can focus on planning a schedule that blows the doors off and leaves your delegates feeling invigorated and awed. Best of all? We do this for FREE! Gratis. Zero cost, and zero hidden charges. You’ll pay exactly the same price as you would if you’d booked directly – just without the stress of negotiating. 


Successful venue finding requires fantastic organisational skills, attention to detail, experience, expertise, and strong industry connections – which we at Red Blaze happen to have in spades. So leave all the stress behind and contact us today so we can make your life easier!


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