Motivating Teams with an Olympic Challenge

This time in 3 weeks, the Olympics will commence! What better way to celebrate it than a team Olympic Challenge to get everyone together, boost wellbeing, have a laugh, motivate teams and celebrate the world’s most renowned sporting competition. 

That is exactly what Red Blaze have been working on this week with one of our clients and what fun it is going to be!

Olympic Challenge - Motivating Teams

We will be kicking off prior to the Main Event with an Olympic Torch Relay, seeing teams of 10 scale Japan from the westernmost point of Kozakibana Park; right up to the Easternmost point Cape Nosappu. You might think that that’s a challenge in itself but there’s more… we will be diverting via some of the most renowned Japanese Olympic Stadiums, including Izu MTB Bike course (most southern), Tokyo’s Stadium and the Sapporo Dome (most Northern). It sounds tricky but the challenge will all be routed and tracked via the Big Teams App. It is a remote challenge meaning that participants don’t literally need to get on a plane to Japan but will instead be completing their mileage remotely, on their usual preferred walking trails!

Whilst the Torch Relay Challenge is taking place, participants will be invited to share videos – via a private team WhatsApp group – of themselves or friends/family completing any of the Olympic Sports. This will automatically get them points and give everyone the opportunity to GO FOR GOLD! We will also set weekly Quick Fire Challenges to build up those points and really shape the Olympic Theme.

It does not stop there! As we all know, The Olympics isn’t complete without an over the top, all singing, all dancing closing ceremony – all participants will be exclusively invited to the Closing Ceremony. The fully produced virtual event will begin with Japanese Drumming and a Team Haka to get everyone in the Olympic spirit. Once everyone is settled in, cocktail making will commence with 3 fabulous Olympic Themed cocktails, hosted by the industry’s best Mix and Twist! The mixologist will also conduct a quiz whilst the attendees enjoy a sip of their cocktails. Once the awards and celebrations have been completed and the winners are presented with their medals on a virtual podium, the night will be rounded off with some jaw-dropping entertainment as individuals enjoy their Awards Dinner – a cook-it-yourself Japanese inspired feast!

A bespoke Japanese themed branded box will be sent to all participants prior to the event – this will include some scrummy snacks to help them along the way, a unique team branded T-Shirt, country flags, info page on the challenge and a VIP Invite to the exclusive Olympic Ceremony! Red Blaze will keep the momentum of the challenge alive via the WhatsApp and weekly/bi-weekly Quick Fire Challenges.

Get in touch today to discuss how we can engage your team with an Unforgettable Olympic Themed Challenge!


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