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Venue: N/A

Location: International

Event Type: Global Concierge Awards Service

Number of Delegates: 5,000

Event Date: January to December 2021


A Global sales and service incentive for Colt Technology employees.   

The Solution

Colt Technology Services are a leading player in the communications and technology sector. They were looking for a way to reward and incentivise their sales and customer service teams spread across the world, including the USA, Europe, India, and Japan. The year-long incentive campaign was designed to be a high-touch and personalised service with an exceptionally generous award fund. 

To win prizes, the Sales team were entered based on their individual sales performance, and the Service team were entered based on recommendations and peer recognition. In total, 66 winners were able to select their dream prize. 

Red Blaze created a bespoke platform that allowed the winners to engage with our specialist concierge team, who are on hand to assist winners in selecting their gifts. The app also provides access to a catalogue of 20,000 rewards sourced and fulfilled from each country.  

All winners won the same amount of prize fund, regardless of their location, and there was a vast range of prize gifts the winners could select from. The luxury gifts ranged from a dream holiday to the Pacific, home and garden renovations, a limited-edition Rolex, commissioned art pieces, unique jewellery or restored vintage vehicles, and so much more. 

Colt Technology Services found the incentive programme to be a success, and we are repeating the format for another year.