Structuring your Rewards and Recognition.

by Cat Preston

Engaging a motivated workforce is vital for organisational success in this fast-paced and competitive business world. However, in order to ensure its effectiveness, we believe that it is important to ensure that your Reward & Recognition is not haphazard or sporadic, as a well-defined structure will maximise its impact.


Reward & Recognition programmes on the whole create a more supportive work environment, which leads to increased motivation, productivity and loyalty, but having a structured programme provides clarity for the criteria for reward and sets the expectations to ensure that actions and achievements for recognition are clear.


Consistency also plays a crucial role, as it makes sure that it is a fair process and reduces any potential biases or favouritism. Structure also allows your business to align the R&R with specific behaviours, values, goals etc that you wish to promote. In turn a more positive culture is created and employees are encourage to go the extra mile, boosting their morale and overall job satisfaction.


The importance of a structured scheme is a powerful tool. When your Team know their efforts will be acknowledged with a tangible expression of gratitude, and how, there is the potential for higher levels of performance and engagement. Creating this culture of appreciation is both a powerful catalyst for productivity in striving towards goals, as well as attracting and retaining talent within the business.


From monetary based bonuses to experiential incentive travel, the key is to align incentives to a goal, remaining fair and transparent throughout. We can help you do this! With so much competitor activity, creating something truly unique and exciting is paramount to winning hearts and minds, and it doesn’t need to cost the Earth.

Sounds good?

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