The Art of Recognition

by Cat Preston

Motivating employees can be a perpetual challenge! It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that monetary rewards alone will suffice, but, while tangible incentives certainly have their place, they tend to offer fleeting and short-term effects. This is where recognition emerges as a more potent tool for both motivation and employee retention.

At its core, recognition involves expressing appreciation for the work accomplished. It aligns seamlessly with fostering positive attitudes, cultivating a thriving workplace culture, and yielding visible company results. Surprisingly, Psychology Today reveals that 70% of individuals consider the most meaningful recognition to have no monetary value at all. Furthermore, an overwhelming 83% find recognition more fulfilling than rewards or gifts. This suggests that while monetary-based rewards may provide a sense of accomplishment, they often fail to drive long-term behavioural change. In contrast, the surge of dopamine triggered by recognition motivates recipients to seek further achievements, reinforcing positive actions.

Another advantage of recognition lies in its simplicity and affordability. Forbes highlights that 45% of individuals who recently left their jobs attributed their departure to a lack of recognition. A pay raise or an Amazon voucher would rarely resolve such issues.

When colleagues’ accomplishments are acknowledged, whether through verbal praise or rewards, they become more engaged in their work. Teams striving to achieve goals become more productive, utilising their time and energy efficiently to attain tangible results. When employees are genuinely invested in and take pride in their tasks, they feel empowered to take control and complete them promptly. Moreover, when their performance is measured against that of their peers or tied to a reward, they are driven to produce high-quality work.

By embracing recognition as a powerful motivational tool, companies can foster a culture of appreciation and empower their employees to thrive. Remember, a well-placed “thank you” or a simple act of recognition can go a long way in cultivating a motivated and dedicated workforce.

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