Think Differently with Red Blaze: CSR opportunities in Mexico

by Cat Preston

Recently, we had the privilege of attending an industry event in Mexico. The theme of sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was subtly woven into the fabric of the event, leaving a lasting impression on us. This experience inspired us to shine a spotlight on two remarkable charity initiatives; one rooted in Mexico and another with a global influence.

The Entreamigos community centre

In the heart of San Pancho, the Entreamigos community centre came to life from humble beginnings. Its inception can be traced back to Nicole Swedlow, who started teaching arts and crafts on her old kitchen table, placed outside a small storefront she had rented. The initial plan was to encourage local artists to sell their crafts in the store. In exchange for a reduced commission rate, these artists would impart an art class to the local community. However, the store remained vacant until a generous cash gift from a friend, John Arner, provided the inventory to make the store more appealing. This act of kindness attracted visitors and artists alike, and the project began to flourish. Today, Entreamigos has evolved into an incredible charity that offers educational opportunities to local children and families. During a session aptly titled “Unleashing the Power of Giving Back: Strategies for Meaningful Sustainability & CSR Initiatives”, we were moved by the testimony of a local teenager who has directly reaped the benefits of the charity’s educational provision. 

You can learn more about this inspiring initiative here:

Colors for Good

On a global scale, we were introduced to Colors for Good, a company firmly rooted in Mexico. This company contributed to the event’s sustainability ethos by providing responsibly-made name lanyards and bracelets. These items were crafted by empowering women from the State of Yucatán in Mexico, who otherwise have limited access to job opportunities. Each bracelet sold contributes to improving their quality of life, thus creating a cycle of empowerment and sustainability. 

You can find out more about their work below.

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