Why should you partner with an incentive agency?

Why should you partner with an incentive agency like Red Blaze?

Why do companies choose to partner with incentive agencies? And more importantly why Red Blaze? As an agency we focus on solving challenges in the areas of performance improvement, incentives, motivation and communication and work with businesses that are looking to improve their sales, motivate employees, or increase customer loyalty. We design, plan and deliver exciting incentive trips around the globe that are tailored to the specific needs of our clients. But this is what we do, not why clients choose to work with us. Let’s look into the ‘Why’ a bit deeper.

The first thing to look for when selecting an incentive agency is what they can bring to the table in terms of both knowledge and experience. Sure, you’d expect an agency to have this in abundance but there are a few agencies out there and with varying levels of experience. Thankfully we have been doing this for quite a while so we’d like to think we know a thing or two about performance improvement and running incentives.

Why is experience and knowledge essential? It’s not just our ability to gain an in-depth understanding of our clients objectives that allows us to propose solutions to not only work, but work well, it’s also a little bit about “we’ve been there, seen it, done it”. We have remained at the forefront of incentive travel, staying up to date with latest trends and we apply all this experience to create one of a kind experiences for your delegates.

Over the years we have worked in a variety of locations across the globe, discovered new and interesting people and places and have established an enviable network of partners and suppliers that enable us to deliver exciting group incentives. It’s all in the detail for us, from setting up a proposal of marriage from the top of the Burj Al Arab with a telescope to view the beach below where we are had set up giant letters “Will you marry me”, to arranging for a bagpiper to pipe a Scottish guest on to the back of a Harley Davison to celebrate his birthday in Cape Town, we go above and beyond to ensure the success of the programmes we plan.

Of course, this level of detail could not be possible without meticulously planning every detail. It is obviously a USP that every incentive agency will have, but it’s not just the planning of an effective programme that is important, it’s the ability to think ahead, foresee challenges and plan alternative paths. In recent years, this has been vitally important with the changing landscape of travel and the challenges we face with rising costs and logistical issues affecting our plans.

We work closely with our clients managing your budget to ensure you get the most ‘bang for your buck’. We plan our programmes with performance in mind so you are able to effectively measure the success of your incentive in whatever shape that may be. Our solutions are not only elegantly designed they are also deliverable in real world circumstances.

Yes, planning is vitally important to a successful incentive. These programmes can be complex solutions, with many moving parts, so managing the associated risks and having the ability to think on our feet in real-time is an ability that is learnt through years of experience. You only have to look at the events we have delivered and who we have delivered them for to know you are in safe hands.

Working with Red Blaze is like having an extension to your internal team. By getting to know your business our experienced event managers are able to execute your desired programme, leaving you as the host the time to concentrate on your guests. The perfect partnership.

With the nature of our work, there is always the inevitability that the unexpected can happen. Needs change and things happen, but our team are well equipped to deal with these problems as they occur. Any good agency should. So when looking for a partner, don’t just look at the surface, dig deeper and understand how when the going gets tough your chosen agency has the ability to react.

Planning and experience is vital, but it’s impossible to know everything. This is why we have partnered with and built working relationships with partners and suppliers around the globe. We know what to buy, from whom and how. Be cautious of any agency who say they do everything – rest assured they don’t. 

We are honest from the start of the journey, we aren’t just looking for a quick win, we want to partner with you for the long-term. By having this network, we are able to provide clarity in what is a complex world. Trust us to have the insights into operating cross-culturally that will enable us to develop solutions for you that are both robust and add value in terms of budget and terms.

Agencies, there are plenty. Are we unique in our offering, probably not. But what we do we are very good at, and we wouldn’t have been around this long and trusted by large companies if we weren’t. The choice is yours, and we hope your choice is Red Blaze.