Tech 21

Three Mobile Vendor Event Exhibition Stand

Client: Tech 21
Venue: Wintergarden East
Location: London

An exhibition stand with product showcase, interactive game and merchandise giveaways.

The Solution

We designed a stand with the client brand strongly featured throughout, ensuring to include the specific elements the client was wishing to showcase. Once signed off by the client we managed all of the manufacture of elements for the stand itself. We created a “plinko” style activation which allowed those visiting the stand to try out the brand claims of the phone cases being able to withstand drops of up to 16ft. The creation was hard-wearing to allow to use all day with no damage, as well as it being stored for future activation within Three Stores where the products are sold. We also provided shelving for the products to be easily accessed during the day for giveaways off the back of interaction with the drop game.

Red Blaze were present on-site to set the stand up and again to de-rig at the end of the event. We assisted in refreshing the stand throughout the day for the client to ensure it was in peak condition for the interaction from the attendees.

Each time you visit an exhibition, there are some stands that attract your attention more than others. Subconsciously, attendees are drawn to stands with striking layouts and creative visual design. Let Red Blaze assist you with creating this for your brand at your next exhibition.

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