Virgin Media - Christmas Employee Appreciation

Personalised Gifts for Employees

Client: Virgin Media
Event Type: Top Performers Engagement Gift
Venue: N/A
Location: Sales 
Number of Delegates: 150

Celebrating and saying thanks for a successful year with personalised gifts for top-performers.

The Solution

Showing employee appreciation is vital for motivating teams and will ensure you stay ahead of competitors. When an employee feels appreciated and recognised for their contributions to the company, you’ll find they’re more connected to their work, go the extra mile and apply discretionary effort. A great way to show your gratitude is a bespoke hamper filled with luxury gifts, and to make an impact, you can add personal touches.

And that is precisely what Virgin Media wanted to achieve. Several KPIs and targets were set at the beginning of the year, ranging from retaining a fixed percentage of customers to generating a large volume of new sales. After a successful year, top performers received an employee gift box delivered directly to their homes.

Red Blaze HQ transitioned into the command centre for this operation. The aim was for the employees to feel valued, so presentation was everything – each employee gift box was hand-wrapped to an exceptional standard and filled with a selection of hand-picked goodies.  

Our team packed 150 individual employee gift boxes with a selection of Christmas favourites, a memento photo of the employee with their director, a personalised letter, branded games, and delicious treats. Employees had submitted a form to select their favourite beverage, which was also included in the hamper, providing the perfect personal touch! All this was finished with stunning gift wrapping to create a unique hamper for each winner.

Virgin Media are all about connecting people – including families. Therefore, we made sure this resonated in the special deliveries by sending games that the entire family could enjoy during the Christmas festivities, with reports that some were even played over Christmas dinner!

We were happy to hear that the winners loved their hampers. The feedback demonstrated that our mission was accomplished, as recipients felt special and recognised. One individual said, “to receive this wonderful gift box just before Christmas was an excellent way to finish the year”.

If you’re looking for new, exciting ways to reward top performers or show appreciation to your teams, Red Blaze can help you to Think Differently. We are experts at creating special gifts for employees, hospitality experiences, travel incentives, and so much more. Get in touch today to discuss your requests with one of the team.

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