Say Konnichiwa to Tokyo!

Client: COLT DCS
Event Type: Sales Kick-Off
Location: Tokyo, Japan

An sales kick-off meeting to bring together a group of global delegates.

The Solution

March of this year we said konnichiwa (hello) to Tokyo, the vibrant capital city of Japan, where we planned and executed an extraordinary kick-off meeting that brought together a group of global delegates from one of our Data Centre Service clients. 

With a carefully planned agenda encompassing meeting sessions, networking opportunities, the opening of a state-of-the-art data centre and delicious team dinners, the group were kept as busy as the bustling capital itself during their three night trip. Our group were based at the iconic Intercontinental Tokyo Bay, with its prime waterfront location in the centre of the city for a week, experiencing the best that Tokyo has to offer. From phenomenal cuisine to viewing the stunning Cherry Blossoms to enjoying a traditional Lion Dance it truly was a week to remember.

[Note – Red Blaze can organise all your flights, and transfers if required, from every corner of the globe.]

On arrivals day the delegates attended a Welcome Networking Event for all colleagues to meet one another in a stunning setting at the Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Premier, which demonstrates Japanese chic interiors with arguably the best views in Ginza. Day two was the first of the organised meeting days, which allowed for all to gather together to discuss, collaborate and share information on the company’s plans and goals. Speeches were expertly managed by our Red Blaze AV supervisor on-site. The same format was followed for Day Three. 

The group travelled during Cherry Blossom season; a captivating spectacle of delicate pink flowers blooming, attracting visitors from worldwide to view their fleeting beauty during this enchanting festivity. Traveling during the cherry blossom season in Japan offers a unique and unforgettable experience offering stunning beauty, cultural immersion, festive atmosphere, ideal weather, photography opportunities, and a chance to witness Japan’s national pride and symbol of hope.

On the evening of Day Two came another a highlight of the trip; a dinner cruise aboard the Yakatabune Harumiya, took place which provided breath-taking night views of Tokyo Bay and all the major city skyline highlights. A traditional Lion Dance took place on the boat to the delight of our delegates, as a “bite” from the lion brings good fortune! The river cruise served as a reminder that whilst technology connects the world, cultural understanding and appreciation form the foundation of global cooperation within these international businesses.

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