Motivating the Mobile Communication Sector.

Red Blaze are sponsoring the Mobile News Awards

Red Blaze partnering with The Mobile News Awards.

The Mobile News Awards stands for everything we believe in. We advocate rewarding individuals for their hard work and passion, so we are delighted to be part of the celebration for another year.

The Mobile News Awards brings together the best from the UK mobile communications industry for an evening of recognition and reward. A panel of impartial, independent experts will select winners from across the sector who have been nominated for their excellence.

Red Blaze is strongly connected to the mobile communications industry and understands the importance of appreciating your teams and rewarding hard work. Because of this, we wholeheartedly support the Mobile News Awards.

Since 2004, we have provided bespoke employee engagement and incentive events for mobile communication conglomerates such as Sky Mobile, Virgin Media, Samsung, Sony Mobile and Digital Wholesale Solutions. We have delivered sales travel incentives to exotic locations, company-wide activation days, in-store campaigns and award ceremonies. Every solution is tailored to individual business needs.

This year we are sponsoring the Motivator Of The Year award. This category aligns with the Red Blaze ethos of encouraging, engaging and motivating the people within your organisation. The shortlist will recognise those who made their mark in the mobile channel last year by personal example and demonstrate how they steered their organisation through the challenge of Covid.

Our Red Blaze event production team have also been integral in organising the award show this year. From staging, lighting, and entertainment to decoration and show signage, our team are there to ensure the event goes without a hitch. We’ve covered all those ‘behind the scenes’ extra parts to give the Mobile News Awards the WOW factor.

The sector means a great deal to us because the industry has a huge impact on all of our business environments and everyday lives. We’re looking forward to meeting you all on the big day and celebrating success!

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