Reward and Recognition for the DWS Team

Motivating a team with an Incentive Concierge Service

Client: Digital Wholesale Solutions
Event Type: Reward and Recognition
Venue: N/A
Location: Incentive Concierge Service

Motivating a team with a Reward and Recognition event and Incentive Concierge Service for Senior Sales Executives

The Solution

Motivating a team to continue smashing their targets can be tricky, but at Red Blaze, we just so happen to be experts at designing a bespoke reward and recognition programme.

We had initially planned a trip of a lifetime with employees jetting off to the hot incentive destination of Cuba. However, because of the uncertainty created by the pandemic, we had to save the day, and our personalised Incentives Concierge Services offered the perfect ‘Plan B’.

The aim was to provide a reward and recognition programme that would celebrate the successes of the DWS senior sales executives and offer them the opportunity to indulge in a gift or experience they truly desire.

Winners received a personalised congratulations email, which featured a catalogue of ideas and the concierge service terms and conditions. The Red Blaze Concierge Service is a fantastic option for motivating a team. In this scenario, employees competed to sell the most B2B broadband packages to win a prize fund ranging from £1500 to £2500.

The winners connect directly with the concierge team to discuss how they would like to spend their prize fund. There is an option to spend everything in one go or spread the prize pot across several prizes for the 6-month duration of the reward and recognition programme.

Prizes could be anything from their wildest dreams – luxury gifts, exotic holidays, thrill-seeking experiences, or ultimate relaxation. The rewards were not limited to what was on offer in the catalogue, and the incentive planner could make recommendations, source and organise whatever the winners wanted. We even completed one lucky winner’s Christmas shopping!

The Red Blaze Concierge Service is a unique way to motivate a team with a reward and recognition programme. It’s tailored to your business objectives and ensures you get the results you’re looking for whilst ensuring your employees are left feeling appreciated for their hard work.

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