White Star Capital

Unwind and Inspire: A Luxurious Corporate Retreat in the Heart of New Forest

Client: White Star Capital
Venue: Chewton Glen
Location: New Forest, UK

Corporate retreat for 50 colleagues to combine company meetings with team building activities and dinners.

The Solution

Escape the bustle of everyday corporate life and immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of New Forest’s quintessential English country house. Our recent venture capital client enjoyed a glorious corporate retreat, surrounded by 130 acres of picturesque parkland. This luxurious resort offers an array of exceptional amenities, including an award-winning spa, two delightful restaurants including the renowned The Kitchen by James Martin, and a range of on-site activities such as golf, tennis, and even secret tree houses for those seeking a closer connection to nature.

While the agenda was packed with meetings, we made sure to keep spirits high and motivation flowing. Delegates were treated to delicious pastry selections alongside their much-needed caffeine fixes, ensuring they felt rewarded for their hard work. Sumptuous buffet lunches were served each day, providing the perfect opportunity for networking and relaxation.

Evenings were dedicated to fostering connections and creating unforgettable experiences for the delegates. We organised a variety of group activities, allowing them to unwind and socialise, particularly as many of them had previously only interacted through email. Champagne on the terrace set the tone, followed by an English wine tasting and a delectable three-course meal at The Kitchen. On other occasions, delegates enjoyed thrilling ferret racing, segway rides, and clay shooting in the paddock, before indulging in a hearty BBQ at the Summer House. The night concluded with guests trying their luck at the Red Blaze Casino, creating memories of laughter and friendly competition.

There is something truly magical about spending a few days in a new location. It ignites the creative spirit in corporate groups, providing ample space for team members to bond, find inspiration in their surroundings, and feel truly acknowledged for their hard work. Give your team the gift of this unique experience, where they can unwind, connect, and rejuvenate in an unforgettable setting.

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